Custom Pieces

Update: I am not currently making any new jewelry, this includes custom pieces.

Would you like to send me a photograph or any type of image to be used inside of your favorite type of jewelry? A personalized family photo is the most special jewelry to wear. I can even insert pieces of fabric that may be special to you or your special some one (an old sampler, quilt or hankie). You send me the image, in the best case scenario as an attachment in an e-mail and then I can size it using Photoshop on my computer to fit the glass slides. If you only have a photo and no access to a scanner, you can make a duplicate of your original and mail that to me. When I am changing the scale size of your image on the computer, I can most likely even combine pictures of different individuals into one picture! People who were never in a picture together, can look like they were. If you have a favorite song, we can put the musical notes in the jewelry, even someone's initials. You may have a favorite movie star from days gone by, or a photo of a loved one, these all can be used to be printed out as collages. Custom pieces are only limited by your imagination (as long as there is no copyright on the image). You can tell me specific color schemes or ideas you have, or you can just leave it to me! Because of the extra time involved in manipulating images to fit the slides, the Custom price is: $50.00. Click below.

#CJ Custom Jewelry


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