How They Are Made

Most of the jewelry you see is made by using microscope slides. I use two basic sizes, the longer size is 1X3 and the smaller size is 1X2 (a little shy of 2). I do sometimes use thicker colored glass to make pieces as well. I have used a variety of paper to print out the collages onto, but have settled on using cotton paper to avoid any staining that photo quality paper sometimes secretes. Two pieces of collages are then cut and inserted between the microscope slides. I then copper foil the edges and solder over the foil with only lead free silver bearing solder using my soldering iron. Then I solder the jump rings on the top so there is a hole to string the chain or ribbon through. Sometimes I solder a jump ring on the bottom for a dangle. I then apply the charms and rhinestones with jewelers glue. They are then cleaned up and shined or painted.


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